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Pool cleaners come in different classes. From the manual pool cleaners used by small pool owners to the automated pool cleaners that take the stress out of pool cleaning. The automated pool cleaners have evolved over the years from suction-side to pressure-side and now to the innovative robotic automatic pool cleaners. Robotic pool cleaners are the better of the three and sales have been picking up unsurprisingly fast. With each brand and model of robotic pool cleaners, efficiency and affordability increases with an eye for giving more value for every penny spent. The best robotic pool cleaners out in the market are those that have the following qualities:

  • Faster cleaning time
  • Superior cleaning ability
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Affordable price point

Robotic pool cleaners get all the fan-fare they have recently received for the little intrusion required from the owner to have it function optimally—we all love machines doing the hard work—this informs the buying habits of those who horde the shops in search of robotic pool cleaners.  Robotic cleaners also come with basic functionalities and alluring extras. For one, these pool cleaners can climb and clean your walls with uncanny accuracy—some do come with scrubbing brushes that work in an engineered fashion enhancing the cleaning efficiency. They also appear to have a “brain” of their own that determine their cleaning patterns, this could be from programmed algorithms or schematics derived from scanning through the pool: continuous advancement culminates in the evolution of more efficient robotic pool cleaners.

Talking about brains, the best robotic cleaners have enough cord length to roam large pools, and may have sensors that contribute to better cleaning efficiency. These sensors are responsible for figuring if a spot has been cleaned appropriately or if one more do-over would do the trick. Because of some inherent limitation (these are machines, right?) , certain models are remote-controlled to allow the owner better direct the cleaning process. An aptly designed inbuilt filter system of as low as 2 microns performs debris filtering very efficiently. The best pool cleaners are self-contained utilizing their own pump supply rather than that of the pool, which is a significant improvement. Over-time, these automatic machines ensure improvement in cost savings.

The top robotic pool cleaners in the market have a knack for doing the most work and letting you enjoy your maximize the use of your pool. My exposure to pool cleaners does help in my ability to pinpoint the best in the market, which is difficult seeing as there are quite a number of decent offerings. Having the best of performance, low maintenance and affordability together constitute the primary indicator when looking out for the best device.

The following list will present you my top three choices:

Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner

dolphin-nautilus pool cleaner

It doesn’t take a lot of research—although helpful—to figure out what makes this cleaner among the best available. The fast cleaning time, non-intrusive maintenance required, ease of use and its affordability does give it a well deserved mention. This is one sturdy robot that is still lightweight when out of the water, padded up with good cleaning brushes that do well in bringing out the beauty of your pool.

Design: The Dolphin nautilus robotic pool cleaner is designed to be a long-lasting device, all parts are sturdy and I’ve repeatedly admired its unified build. Because of its primary use for cleaning, brushes, filters and vacuum are added in a specially engineered way to improve its ease of use. Also worthy of note are the filter screens—one for larger debris like leaves, and another for fine particulate debris—that are both easy to empty and reinstall.

Efficiency: I’ve left this on for less than 2 hours of cleaning time and when I came back I found that the walls, coves and floors have been adequately cleaned. I’ve had the opportunity to watch it work fine with curves too for those worried about their pool shape. However, what gets me is the filter screen which rivals the filter bag in competing pool cleaners. The filter screens are clearly better as they are easy to remove, clean and re-insert; altogether taking only a few minutes of your time. The Dolphin Nautilus also possesses a 60 ft swivel cable that doesn’t twist into knots and gives it enough room to carry out its cleaning duties.

Price: When compared to other models of its class that go way past the $1000 price mark, you’d be hard-pressed to consider the moderate price tag of the Dolphin Nautilus robotic pool cleaner an expensive offering, especially with significant savings when purchased online (compared to in stores).

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Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Robotic Pool Cleaner


The Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Robotic Pool Cleaner gets listed here because of its budget-friendly price tag with respect to its offerings. This robotic pool cleaner goes the extra mile to ensure that the basics are well taken care of, ensuring seamless cleaning.

Design: The Aquabot Pool Rover Junior does bring out the simplicity, but it also packs a punch with superior offerings. It comes complete with a lengthy cable, a 24-volt pump motor as well as a reusable filter bag capable of filtering fine particles as small as 2 microns.

Efficiency: This cleaner does have impressive pool cleaning times of as low as an hour, and can handle pools irrespective of size and shape. Its 24-volt pump motor drives the cleaning process with the reusable filter bag doing the pedantic job of filtering out the smallest of debris. The efficiency of this device is secured by the inclusion of a 2-hour automatic shut off timer that reduces chemical, water, and energy costs.

Price: At a modest price, it’d be difficult to find this type of machine for such a low price. That unilaterally places the Aquabot Pool Rover on this list.

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Pentair Kreepy Krauly Classic Automatic Pool Suction-Side Cleaner


With a resilient build, persistent excellence in pool cleaning, durability and an irresistible price tag; it doesn’t take much to see why the Pentair Kreepy Krauly is the most popular suction-side pool cleaner available.

Design: This machine features a turbo action swivel design that provides exceptional cleaning capability. Its design allows for quick assembly which positively influences its usage. Its automatic cleaning ability ensures that you can take a break from the exhaustive manual cleaning and only come in for areas that would look better with manual work.

Efficiency: The efficiency of this device is notable as it applies a fairly basic principle in an optimized way. Making use of a skimmer and a side-port, it cleans effectively rarely missing debris or spots. It is predominantly easy to use as setups and hookups are uncomplicated and can be performed by folks with minimal technical skills. It also performs its cleaning task quietly, taking care of vinyl, fiberglass and tile pools with uncanny efficacy.

Price: If purchased online, it is regularly 66% off (from its original $870 price tag) bringing it to less than $300. It doesn’t just sound appealing, it sounds like one of those rare deals. Especially when you’re getting the exact same device with all of its premium components that has made it popular. For its peculiarity and user-friendly construct, the Pentair Kreepy Krauly is a highly recommended buy.

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Cleaning the pool would always be a necessity irrespective of how often you use the pool. We’ve come a long way from manual cleaning to robotic automatic pool cleaners, and it’s all too clear why one should go for a robotic cleaner —preferably those that were recommended. It is a dynamic market out there, and before purchasing a device, you should feel right about it, know that it would come the closest to being the perfect equipment for your pool, and also stay within your budget—the above recommendations were made with all those considerations in check.

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