Fibropool Swimming Pool Heater (Model FH 220)

Fibropool Swimming Pool Heater (Model FH 220)

Summer doesn’t last forever, and when the cold season comes, you will still desire to take a dive in your pool. But, of course, you can’t do that unless you’re looking for a way to get cold shocks, hypothermia, cramps, and asthma. For that, you need to invest in a good swimming pool heat pump.

Sure, you could cut cost and get a gas heat pump, but that will prove more costly in the long run as they have very high operating cost and break down easily. That’s why you should get an electric Fibropool FH 220 heat pump. It has a very low operating cost and is environmentally friendly as it does not require gas.


The Fibropool FH 220 boasts of an efficiency 4.85 COP which is the best in the market for its class. When it comes to heating, this heat pump does not disappoint. It has a heating capacity of 20,000BTU/hr which is perfect for heating small pools, any size spas, and above ground pools of up to 18” round.

This heat pump also has 240 Volts- 60 HZ American voltage which, added to its great design, means it barely pulls any electricity making it very efficient for all household pools (little spike in your electrical bill).

The Fibropool electric water heater is suitable for any pool up to 7,200 gallons but, just like all heat pumps, it may have difficulty working below 10℃. Once you plug this heat pump in, you can expect your pool to be heated in less than a day or two depending on your pool size, where you stay, and the weather (temperature).


There’s nothing complicated about its installation, especially considering that it does not need a bypass valve or a gas line. The heat pump comes with an easy to follow instruction manual, and Fibropool support team is always ready to help with any installation issues.


Nobody likes swimming next to a loud rackety pump. For that, Fibropool FH 220 produces less than 55 dB (conversational noise) which, according to the World Health Organization, falls below the expected daytime noise level. With sufficient ventilation, you won’t even know when the fans kick in.

For a heat pump, its lightweight (78 pounds), and compact with dimensions of 35.2 inches by 21.2 inches and 13.3 inches thick. It also comes with union connectors and hose adapters which can be used for 1 ½” or 1 ¼” PVC plumbing.

When it comes to durability, this heat pump has got that covered. It’s a weatherproof pump and can, therefore, be left out in the scorching sun or heavy downpour. However, when it comes to winter, you have to winterize it along with all other pool equipment.


This electric heat pump can typically be purchased inclusive of union connector and hose adapters. It’s a great all-in price for a heat pump with such great heating capacity, efficiency, and durability.


So whether you want to stay in shape by swimming or just love swimming and you don’t want the weather to stop you, Fibropool FH 220 swimming pool heater heat pump is what you need.

Buy it now at a great price!

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Fibropool Pool Heater (Model FH 220)
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