Hayward 100,000 BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater Review

Hayward 100,000 BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater Review

Picking a good pool heater can be very important for both heating your pool and using your electricity efficiently. The more expensive ones tend to use natural gas, and will heat a pool fairly quickly. But whichever kind of pool heater you choose, you also want one that will last the longest amount of time; typically if you try to repair or replace these kinds of units, it will cost you a fortune. So if you take the time to research what makes a pool heater good, it will benefit you in the long run.

The Hayward H100ID1 in particular performs pretty solidly for the most part. Its main issue is that over a long period of time, it can start to break down and stop heating your pool. People have also reported shipping issues, where the unit is dead on arrival. These aren’t typical cases, but they’re things that you should keep in mind when deciding whether you want to buy it.

Beyond that, this Hayward induced draft natural gas pool heater includes a unique feature called induced draft technology, which allows the unit to work efficiently in nearly all weather conditions, even when the wind picks up.


This pool heater will take a few hours to heat up your pool with 81% thermal efficiency. Something important to note is that this unit is designed for above-ground pools that are small to medium-sized (less than 450 square feet). Trying to use it on the wrong kind of pool can result in disappointment. It also cannot be installed at 2,000 feet or higher above sea level. It otherwise works pretty solidly, although it should be noted that there are reports of it starting to malfunction after a few months. If you’re handy it’s usually fairly straightforward to fix, but it otherwise has issues with longevity.

Heating Size

The H100ID1 is a 100,000 BTU pool heater designed for above-ground pools that are less than 450 square feet in area. It can heat these small to medium-sized pools to around 85 degrees, which should be plenty for most people. It will have trouble working effectively in larger pools.


As far as pool heaters go, this Hayward unit is fairly cheap at $664. Certainly not the cheapest pool heater period, but for moderately-sized pools it’s a pretty low price to pay compared to the $700-$1000+ units out there. It will serve you quite well if you’re not looking for anything too fancy and don’t have a very large pool.


The Hayward brand in particular can be a bit of a mixed bag, but they generally make functional products that work as advertised. Their H100ID1 can be hit or miss when it comes to longevity and the pools it supports, but when it does work, it seems to work fairly well. If you have a pool bigger than 450 square feet, it may be best to look for a more powerful pool heater (such as 400,000+ BTU), but otherwise it’s very much a reasonable purchase for both its ease of use and relatively low price. Overall, this Hayward natural gas pool heater gets a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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