Hayward GLC-2P-A Solar Pool Heater Review

Hayward GLC-2P-A Solar Pool Heater Review

There are two kinds of solar powered pool heating systems out there:

  • Those that work and
  • Those that don’t!

I would know, as I’ve had both kinds working in my backyard (and more of the second type if I were to be honest).

Trying to find a high quality solar system is anything but easy, as you are probably aware. Most people want to make a commitment to heat their pool with solar power. It wasn’t until I came across this Hayward system that I really felt that a quality solar power heater has finally hit the mass market.

First Impressions

A super compact system (we’re talking about very compact), this solar powered heating control system is everything you need to get your pool up to a warm temperature in an instant – or at least it’s going to feel that way – right out of the box.

Included in this package is a compact solar panel array system, a three way valve, an actuator, and two PC sensors to give you absolutely everything you need to hit the ground running when you order this particular package.

What I liked about the Hayward GLC-2P-A Solar Pool Heating Control System

It’s almost impossible to describe to you just how simple and straightforward the installation process of this particular unit was.

Hayward systems have a reputation for being very (VERY) easy to install, but even I was taken aback by just how effortless everything was.  I thought there was going to be complex wiring and installation.  The instructions are clear and concise, everything is perfectly labeled, and you will be able to get the entire system up and running with no previous experience (or fancy tools) in an afternoon.

What I wasn’t crazy about

Sometimes the components felt a little bit cheap in the hand, but that is certainly no knock whatsoever against Hayward.

This is a company, after all, that has a sterling silver reputation in this pool heating industry, considered by most to be the “King of the Ring” of the pool heating world. I’ve heard of people using their Hayward systems for 10 or even 15 years without having to do any real maintenance whatsoever – and have every confidence being able to get at least that much life out of this new Hayward solar heater.

Overall efficiency rating

As far as efficiency is concerned, it’s excellent.

After all, we’re talking about solar power here, so efficiency levels are variable across units (it also depends on where you live and how many hours of sun light your house gets). When you don’t have to pay for extra energy to power up your solar heating system, you’re already ahead of the game – provided that it works exactly as it should.

And I am happy to report that this system is all green lights across the board!

Thanks to the recirculation freeze protection system built right into the three way valve and actuator (not to mention the PC sensors that are plugged directly into the internal and completely customizable thermostat), efficiency is increased even more.

Heating capabilities

This particular solar powered set up should have no trouble whatsoever heating 8500 gallons of pool water up to anywhere between 80°F and 84°F (or warmer) faster than you ever would have thought possible.

This is done thanks to the smart heat exchange technology used throughout the system, but also thanks to the perpetual heating nature of an “always on” solar power system.

After all, it’s not like the sun is going to be turned off anytime soon, and as long as sunlight is hitting your solar panel array your heater system is going to be working around the clock to make sure that your pool stays nice and toasty!

Value for the money

For less than $400, it really doesn’t get any better than this – especially when you stack it up against its closest competitors in the propane or gas heating category that require you to spend of dollars every single year on fuel.

One of the least expensive options you’re going to come across to heat your pool (is definitely one of the least expensive options to keep your pool heated perpetually), this is a very wise investment for those that never want to take a chilly dip ever again!

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