Importance of a Maintenance Kit for Your Pool

Of all things needed to keep a pool serving its purpose as intended, the pool maintenance kit is perhaps the single most important accessory to own for obvious reasons. A pool maintenance kit explains itself and goes a long way in reducing the stress of keeping your pool in good condition and extending its life. All pool owners agree that pool maintenance is a tedious week by week task. The pool maintenance kit lends a helping hand in making sure you take care of your pool in a time-saving and cost-effective manner.

Some of the typical tasks associated with maintaining a pool range from the following:

  • Removing surface debris (like leaves)
  • Cleaning the floor and walls of the pool
  • Eliminating organic (algae) buildup
  • Ensuring clean water quality

To this effect a pool maintenance kit contains several pieces that ensure that all your needs are well covered. These elements with respect to the above objectives include:

1. Telepole and leaf skimmer: The telepole and leaf skimmer are helpful with picking off surface debris on the pool. The deeper the skimmer the better, as deeper skimmers pick up more content. While the telepole is aluminum made, the skimmer is made with a mesh netting with polypropylene making the telepole the longer lasting and more durable of the two. The skimmer may need replacement after wear and tear.

2.  Vacuum head and hose: The vacuum head and hose when fixed together do well to rid the pool of stains, spots and dirt on the walls or floor. Many kits come with a brush to help with manual scrubbing. These are very important in cleaning up the pool and invigorating a sparkling appearance.

3. Water testing kit: Algae is the most common organic pool nuisance, and gives the pool a bad look and unhealthy feel. Algae grows when the pH of the pool water is unbalanced. To keep up with the pool concentration at any time, a water test kit is invaluable. The water test kit do come packaged with various vials of different chemicals that would have to be mixed in the right quantity to get accurate results. A time-saving alternative to getting this done is going for water test strips. These are included in more recent pool maintenance kits and would simply require a wet dip which would change the color. Color gradation present in the kit would give away the estimated pH of the water. This should be performed on a regular basis to ensure that your pool is safe to swim in.

4. First aid kit: Although sometimes not a part of the pool maintenance kit, the first aid kit is important to have close-by for emergencies. Whether it be cuts, bites or simple complications, a fully stocked first aid kit would have all that is needed for any small issue. There are quite a number of pool and lifeguard first aid kits on sale that would do the trick.

5. Other: Occasionally, pool maintenance kits come with other perks that make the buy worthwhile. These include a chlorine dispenser to help with pool water treatment, a thermometer to help keep check on the temperature.

Maintaining a pool can be a demanding chore, but with the right pool maintenance kit, it can lead to a more rewarding experience. Furthermore, the knowledge of having everything sorted out keeps your mind settled when you go out of your way to make full use of pool, say when you are having the whole family around, a pool party or just a quiet sun bath.

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