Doheny’s sells some of the cheapest solar heating systems available in the market, which many are currently on sale and could save you as much as 10% in comparison to other vendors.

Their many solar pool heaters include:

  • Above ground pool solar heating system – A complete solar heating system for above ground pools that should help keep your pools up to 10 degrees warmer and more comfortable to swim in all year round. It’s easy to install and is perfect for DIY lovers out there. Complete with a 5-year warranty (if used with the mounting kit, which is sold separately), this space-saving above ground solar heating system currently sells at an affordable price!
  • Solar dome pool solar heaters –Using the sun as its main source of energy, you have free energy to enjoy your pool much longer than usual. Ideal for both above ground and in-ground pools, you can connect multiple heaters together to increase efficiency. Total package starts at a low price.
  • In-ground pool solar heating system – Quite basically the same as the above ground pool solar heating system mentioned earlier, but only for in-ground pools, it’s generally the most expensive option.
  • Solar grid pool heating solar panels – If the solar dome pool solar heaters aren’t your thing, then maybe the solar grip pool heating solar panels are for you. They work basically the same way, only better because of their sturdy legs that keep the panels tilted at 30-degrees at all times, maximizing the exposure to the sun’s rays. Total package price starts at close to $300
  • SolarPro Inflatable Solar Heater ­– Foldable for easy storage, the SolarPro Inflatable Solar Heater is an inexpensive and innovative way to heat your pool. Price starts at $39.99, down from $49.99 previously.
  • Solar Dish – Built for above ground pools, the solar dish is both easy to install and use. It comes with its own diverter valve kit, which allows you to regulate or bypass the flow through the unit if necessary. Hooked up after your filter, the solar dish is connected directly to the return fittings in your pool where the water travels through the solar coils and heated, for free, by the sun then is returned to your pool. Price starts at $79.99.