Lochinvar pool heater

Lochinvar is an American water boiler and pool heater manufacturer that was founded back in 1939. Since then, it has become a leader and innovator in energy-efficient technology. Its range of water heaters and boiler systems are know worldwide for their unmatched performance, high quality and flexibility.

Focusing on its pool heaters, they offer two types: commercial pool heaters and residential pool heaters. While a commercial pool heater that can offer 2,070,000 BTU per hour may not be for you, rest assured you can find the same technology they develop for their commercial pool heaters in their residential systems. Therefore you know you will get only the best in innovative, energy-efficient technology.

The Lochinvar’s EnergyRite residential pool heaters are offered in give different models ranging from 150,000 BTU to 400,000 BTU so it can be used for pools of any shape and size. It contains advanced combustion systems and a commercial grade heat exchanger.  It is known in the industry for having one of the fastest heat up times and offers user friendly control.

Look at the various models below and purchase a Lochinvar pool heater for a fraction of the cost of our local dealer.

Pool HeatersType
Lochinvar EnergyRite 250,000 BTU
Natural Gas
Lochinvar Energyrite 400,000 BTU
Natural Gas
Lochinvar Energyrite 150,000 BTU
Natural Gas
Lochinvar Energyrite 200,000 BTU
Natural Gas
Lochinvar Energyrite 300,000 BTU
Natural Gas

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