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Top 3 Solar Pool Heaters

Solar pool heaters are recommended by plenty of professionals over other types of pool heaters today. The reason? There’s plenty. For one, they’re very durable and manufactured to last for more than one decade. Proof of this is how many carry decades long warranties, sometimes as long as 12-years or even more! They’re also built... Read More »

Top 3 Natural Gas Pool Heaters

Using natural gas pool heaters is a very efficient solution to your pool’s heating problems all year round. They heat up fast and are much less expensive to buy and more so to install compared to other types of pool heaters. These products, however, are not perfect. For one, natural gas pool heaters have much... Read More »

Top 3 Electric Pool Heaters

Let’s make things short now, shall we? You have a pool and you want that pool heated up every now and then so you can enjoy the pool a bit more often all year round. Now that you’ve identified your problem, your solution now comes in the form of a pool heater. But, that creates... Read More »

Importance of a Maintenance Kit for Your Pool

Of all things needed to keep a pool serving its purpose as intended, the pool maintenance kit is perhaps the single most important accessory to own for obvious reasons. A pool maintenance kit explains itself and goes a long way in reducing the stress of keeping your pool in good condition and extending its life.... Read More »

The Best Solar Pool Cover

Pools are not just part of the decor that elevate the aesthetic appeal of a home, they’re great for leisure, keeping fit, parties and what not. It’s why many prospective homeowners have it on their checklist, and those who do have it already make it a priority to have the pool amply cared for. But... Read More »

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