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Aquabot Elite Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner

Having a robotic cleaner provides you with so much convenience in comparison to the traditional methods of cleaning your pool. A robotic pool cleaner provides good value for money, but deciding on which robotic pool cleaner to go with is challenging mainly due to the many varieties available. When looking for a robotic cleaner, you... Read More »

Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pool Pump (Model 011018)

Installation of a pool pump is one of the surest methods which you can guarantee that your pool water always remains clean. Usually, a pump does this by passing the water through a pool filter and in some case a pool heater to ensure it is both warm and clean. However, deciding on an appropriate... Read More »

Happybuy 11KW 220V Pool Heater

The cold season brings with it its fair share of problems for the average swimmer. And it’s even more disheartening for swimming athletes and those obsessed with the pool. But you don’t have to stare at the dark clouds waiting for the sun to shine anymore. You can take a dive into a warm pool... Read More »

Fibropool Swimming Pool Heater (Model FH 220)

Summer doesn’t last forever, and when the cold season comes, you will still desire to take a dive in your pool. But, of course, you can’t do that unless you’re looking for a way to get cold shocks, hypothermia, cramps, and asthma. For that, you need to invest in a good swimming pool heat pump.... Read More »

EcoSmart SMART POOL 27 Electric Tankless Pool Heater

Deciding on an appropriate pool heater can be quite challenging primarily due to two reasons, that is, it requires a reasonable bit of planning and knowledge. Usually, pool heaters tend to be your pool’s priciest piece of hardware, plus even the best models can fail if the water chemistry does not match or the installation... Read More »

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